Misdiagnosis Happens Every Day!

I am neither a funeral director nor a medical professional.  I am just a lawyer who is the part owner of a group of funeral homes who writes to you occasionally. 

What I’ve Learned

Since entering the funeral business, I have learned that medical malpractice through misdiagnosis occurs daily and kills thousands yearly.

White paper with the word ERROR written in black ink with a variety of pills spread over top.

Not surprisingly, our firm is the last stop for people after a critical misdiagnosis.  Every day, I see firsthand the consequences of medical care errors.  

Correct diagnoses in healthcare are critical, but unfortunately, diagnostic mistakes occur more often than we’d like to believe.  Each year, misdiagnoses contribute to approximately 371,000 deaths and 424,000 cases of permanent disabilities, affecting around 800,000 individuals globally.

Unanswered Questions and the Silent Crisis of Misdiagnosis

Confusion and unanswered questions are common for those grappling with the aftermath of a misdiagnosis.

What almost always happens when the diagnosis has been “blown” by a healthcare professional is the decedent’s family gets the “run around,” and simple questions such as “Why did my relative die” go unanswered.  Healthcare professionals may offer incomplete or vague explanations, leaving families in the dark about what happened.

Sometimes the doctors legitimately have no idea why an individual passed.  But, in my experience, most of the time, the doctors and hospital know precisely why the person died but don’t want to tell the family because telling the truth would be admitting error.  

In such trying times, where answers from healthcare professionals may be unclear or insufficient, our firm offers the clarity and support families desperately need through a private autopsy.  We are committed to uncovering the truth for families. 

Misdiagnosis: The Hidden Dangers

While some misdiagnoses have limited impact, errors are often fatal for patients with grave health conditions.

When incorrectly diagnosed, conditions like stroke, sepsis, pneumonia, blood clots, or lung cancer can have life-altering or even fatal consequences. 

In such situations, our firm can provide the answers healthcare professionals failed to deliver.  We reveal the actual cause of death, provide crucial information to families, and support them through their journey toward understanding and acceptance.

Uncovering the Truth Amidst Errors and Biases

Medical professionals can make errors due to unusual disease manifestations, overlooking common symptoms, or biases based on race or gender. 

Green word balloon that reads Unconscious bias.

When families feel they aren’t getting the whole story, our autopsy service offers an unbiased, thorough examination to identify any negligence or bias that may have led to a misdiagnosis.

The Price of Medical Misdiagnosis

Medical misdiagnoses come with a hefty price tag, estimated at around $100 billion.  But beyond the economic burden, the emotional distress for affected families is immense.  That is one of the reasons we offer the invaluable service of autopsy, which can reveal critical evidence.  This can be instrumental when seeking legal recourse or rightful compensation.

When families find themselves in the unfortunate position of confronting potential misdiagnoses and inadequate explanations, we serve as a crucial ally.  Our independent autopsy service identifies diagnostic errors and reveals critical details that could have been missed.

Stethoscope sits next to a judges gavel and gavel.

Our forensic pathologists’ role remains paramount.  We offer meticulous, impartial, and professional autopsy services that bring clarity and solace to families.

We Are Often The Unseen Heroes Seeking Justice And Finding Answers

In conclusion, while the weight of misdiagnosis may feel overwhelming, know that our firm is here to provide the answers you need.  Our dedicated team is committed to bringing clarity amidst confusion and truth amidst uncertainty.

As we unravel the mysteries surrounding misdiagnoses, we aim to ensure that justice is served, truth is uncovered, and families have the understanding they need to navigate their challenging journey.

We are more than just professionals—we’re partners in your quest for truth and justice.

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