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6 Reasons To Have A Private Autopsy

By Mark Sunshine | Oct 8, 2021

There are 6 most common reasons for families to request a private autopsy of their loved one. Each of these reasons provides a valid basis for requesting a private autopsy.  None of them are underlying justifications for the local medical examiner to assert jurisdiction and perform the desired post-mortem investigation.    Resolve family questions about…

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The BRCA1 and BRCA2 Gene Mutations Kill Post-Mortem DNA Testing Saves Lives

By Mark Sunshine | Jul 15, 2020

Sunshine Autopsy Services wants to help future generations avoid the pain, suffering, and heartache of cancer caused by BRCA gene mutations. According to the National Cancer Institute, the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations are often responsible for breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, and pancreatic cancer. This gene mutation also causes a host of other…

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Post-Mortem DNA Testing – The Gift That Can Save Lives

By Mark Sunshine | Jul 11, 2020

A simple mouth swab and collection of a few hair follicles after you have died can save generations of your descendants from an early death. The miracle of modern medicine makes this possible. It is called post-mortem DNA testing and Sunshine Autopsy Service is now arranging this life-saving service for its customers. Even after death,…

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Can Post-Mortem DNA Testing Affect Your Children’s Ability to Get Insurance?

By Mark Sunshine | Jul 11, 2020

No! Post-mortem DNA testing has no adverse effect on your children’s ability to get insurance. One of the drawbacks of DNA and ancestry testing programs is the possibility that the results may be used by insurance companies and employers to discriminate based upon adverse test results.  DNA testing results identify pre-existing medical conditions and the…

Pic of Jewish headstone with rocks on top

Why Do Jews Put Stones On Graves?

By Mark Sunshine | Jul 10, 2020

Walking through a traditional Jewish cemetery reveals scores of stones that have been placed upon the headstones and graves of the deceased. Why are these stones on Jewish grave markers? Who put them there? The stones signify that someone came to visit the grave. It is intended as a sign of respect and honor for…